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VNA parts list

The parts list here is the digikey parts list . It contains everything needed, except: 1. Transformers – these were…

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Electret mic amp

High sensitivity (36dB gain), tested for low harmonic distortion and flat frequency response (1dB down at 40Hz, flat past 30kHz)….

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More on transmission lines

PTFE has a more constant (!) dielectric constant over a reasonable frequency range (not that the 4 ohms delta of…

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Transmission line calculation tool

Since the steps were too much, this excel file was created. In the spreadsheet, the green values can be entered,…

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Twisted pair transmission line

For constructing transmission lines, coax is useful because it is available in 50 and 75 ohms. For transmission line transformers,…

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Wire gauges

Wire gauge Excel spreadsheet with AWG and SWG (in inches and mm). American Wire Gauge                Standard Wire…

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DXF / HPGL to eagle script conversion

There are some Autocad DXF <-> Eagle converters available but they seem to be demo versions, and I didn’t get…

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VNA board chopped up

 (with a spinning wheel cutting tool, I forget what it is called).

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48v 150W power supply (12V step-up)

This allows 48v equipment to be powered from a 12v battery… ideal for power-over-ethernet devices which need 48v. A commercial…

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Audio boards (for sale)

This board is a generic audio controller with decent sound. It was designed for an ipod but can be used…