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Ultra portable pocket PSU

Although a bench PSU is useful, sometimes I prefer testing with something more portable. This ultra portable PSU has a footprint smaller than a credit card. It is perfect for travel. (Pen shown in image below for scale). I can … Continue reading

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Long-tailed-pair oscillator

I needed a quick alarm tone generator for a piezo speaker, and with no 555 at hand, this turned out to work quite well, and it’s just as small. It operates with just a few mA current. It is a … Continue reading

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121.5MHz is not a good frequency…

Got some random crystal frequencies (since I don’t care about the exact frequency) for the VNA transverter. Google search reveals 121.5MHz is checked by military/pilots for emergencies. Not a good idea to use this in a transverter : ( I’ll … Continue reading

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AD9954 clocking

Proposed implementation (using this oscillator: )

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