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Adobe Reader Internet access causes hangs

On my fast, SSD-enabled machine, every bit of software runs quick except for Adobe Reader. It got to the point that I was just going to uninstall it and replace with another free reader. Adobe ReaderĀ  XI (11.0.0) and some … Continue reading

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XCircuit on Windows

XCircuit is a drawing program ideal for circuit diagrams, but also for other purposes. I compiled it to run on my Win7 64-bit machine. I followed Step 1, and Step 2 Option 2 (i.e. Compile from source) from hereĀ  and … Continue reading

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Writing and running Java programs in 5 minutes: Java error: package com does not exist

For quick development work, I’m not interested in using netbeans or eclipse or some other IDE, but the majority of java developers use IDEs. This is why, when that inevitable java ‘package com.xx does not exist’ error occurs, a lot … Continue reading

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