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EAGLE CAD Toroid drawing tool

This small bit of software can auto-generate a toroid outline for EAGLE. You can select horizontal or vertical mounting, and specify the toroid dimensions and the number of wire turns. It will generate an EAGLE script file (.scr) that can … Continue reading

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Diode ring mixer

A picture says a 1000 words.. this is an ancient mixer on e-bay recently, I have one for experimentation. It looks well designed (baluns to keep the mixer balanced, and tight twists), and is from a military device (UFT 721 … Continue reading

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Quad FET mixer

Saw this mixer here (google translation – the original website is in Japanese).It looks quite neat! The entire website has a lot of information, and it is fairly readable in English.

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Mixer circuits

Most modern mixer information these days concerns the Gilbert Cell active mixer, but these are alternative active mixers, snippets from 1976 (by U. L. Rohde) since it is nice to have alternatives.  The jpeg snippets are from a compilation book … Continue reading

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