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XCircuit on Windows

XCircuit is a drawing program ideal for circuit diagrams, but also for other purposes. I compiled it to run on my Win7 64-bit machine. I followed Step 1, and Step 2 Option 2 (i.e. Compile from source) from here  and … Continue reading

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How to get a desired resistance using standard resistor values

This is easier than expected… (example) type “how can I get 2869 ohms using standard resistors” in Wolfram Alpha and  you get this result:

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Wire gauges

Wire gauge Excel spreadsheet with AWG and SWG (in inches and mm). American Wire Gauge                Standard Wire Gauge AWG    inches    mm        SWG    inches    mm 4    0.2043    5.1892        6    0.1920    4.8768 5    0.1819    4.6203        7   … Continue reading

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121.5MHz is not a good frequency…

Got some random crystal frequencies (since I don’t care about the exact frequency) for the VNA transverter. Google search reveals 121.5MHz is checked by military/pilots for emergencies. Not a good idea to use this in a transverter : ( I’ll … Continue reading

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