XCircuit on Windows

XCircuit is a drawing program ideal for circuit diagrams, but also for other purposes. I compiled it to run on my Win7 64-bit machine.

I followed Step 1, and Step 2 Option 2 (i.e. Compile from source) from hereĀ  and it worked well. These were the only deviations that I had to do (I compiled XCircuit version 3.7.32):

Firstly, I needed to select the packages to install in Cygwin. The screenshots in this zip file cygwin_pics.zip shows what packages are needed.

The XCircuit code needed some changes:

1. Change configure.in file: add .a to the end of .dll in two places (see here for details)
2. Add the following line in files.c near the beginning, as a function prototype
void output_graphic_data(FILE *ps, short *glist);

Then at the command line type autoreconf -fiv
Then type ./configure

Then, continue with the usual make followed by make install

To launch the program, just start Cygwin terminal, type

export DISPLAY=:0.0

Start theĀ  XWin Server (Start->Programs->Cygwin-X->XWin Server)

In the Cygwin terminal, type xcircuit


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