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Fridge “Model1”

Placeholder website page for Fridge Model1 (used for test purposes)  

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BattBump – Bad Kickstarter by Cat Clark from Sydney

A horrifically bad kickstarter campaign by ‘Cat Clark’, seeking $30k AUS, is now cancelled. The BattBump kickstarter implied that it…

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FPC1500 Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer and VNA Review

This review is condensed from a full FPC1500 review at element14, click here. There is also a video here: Usability…

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Raspberry Pi 3B+ Wireless Chip – Cypress CYW43455 Block Diagram

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ has quite an interesting wireless chip on-board – quite a lot of functionality! Split up into…

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Device tree, setting GPIO2_1 as an input

With a BeagleBone Black with the latest image (6th June), I tried this device tree fragment: (Zip file contains the…

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1mm and 1.25mm pitch connectors

Some photos to help identify connectors. These ones are JST SH which are 1mm pitch wire-to-board shown here, with surface…

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Ultra portable pocket PSU

Although a bench PSU is useful, sometimes I prefer testing with something more portable. This ultra portable PSU has a…

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7 segment Alphabet

A surprisingly large amount of the ASCII table can be represented with a 7-segment display. The image here shows what…

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Crimp pins, sockets and housings

Like it or not, the 0.1 inch spaced (2.54mm) header pins or sockets on PCBs are extremely common. There are…

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fpga4fun – any good?

I personally feel a beginner is better advised to purchase a more open platform like Papilio One. The fpga4fun boards…