Minicircuits parts are quite expensive, so this was an attempt to reverse-engineer the TC1.5-1G2+ (without breaking it apart, because I need to use it).

Here are some pics (with a normal camera, and slightly better focussed with an inspection cam which is not colour unfortunately).

side aside bside aside b

Another image of side a:

side a

To me it looks like six turns of orange wire, and one turn of green wire. However, this minicircuits part is supposed to have an ohms ratio of 1.5 (sec:pri). That should mean 1.2 turns on the secondary, if the primary has 1 turn. Can anyone explain this? Basically, I want to design a transformer for 50 ohm to 75 ohm matching.

EDIT: – looks like I had read the datasheet wrong. The primary is the orange wire, and the secondary is the orange+green wires. There must be five turn of orange, which would give a sec/pri ratio of 6/5, i.e. 1.2.

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