Surface Mount Soldering – Tools

This set of tools is (in my opinion) some great tools for SMT soldering without going the reflow route (which requires an oven).This shopping list costs approx. £180+VAT and is complete.

Tools required
A temperature controlled soldering iron (approx 50W), e.g. Antex TCS approx. £45+VAT
A small tip for the iron £2.65+VAT
Thin (approx. 26SWG) solder,and preferably _not_ unleaded. £28.65+VAT
An extremely good pair of tweezers, e.g. VOMM PSF SA ESD or (not tried) these ones £12
Rosin flux dispensing pen e.g. Chemtronics CW8200 £8
Desoldering braid, aka Solder Wick 1.5mm e.g. Chemtronics 60-2-5 size#2. Buy several, each spool is 1.5m £2.87
A cheap lens preferably with lamp, e.g. “UltraOptix 7x Aspheric LED Lighted” (search eBay) £9
Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Just need a few hundred ml to last a long time. 1 liter is £12.56
Antistatic brush £17.74+VAT
Scalpel handle Swann Morton No. 3 £2.50
Scalpel blades Swann Morton 0203 No. 11 (pack of 100 will last forever) £8+VAT
For non-surface mount, add these:
A very good pair of full flush cutters, e.g. CK 3780HEF or (not tried) Lindstrom 7191 £36+VAT
A very cheap pair of cutters (for when you don’t want to damage the expensive ones) e.g. from Maplin, or this  (not worth spending so much though – maybe just £5). £9.24+VAT

Total approx £180 + VAT

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