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Raspberry Pi 3B+ Wireless Chip – Cypress CYW43455 Block Diagram

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ has quite an interesting wireless chip on-board – quite a lot of functionality! Split up into…

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EAGLE CAD Toroid drawing tool

This small bit of software can auto-generate a toroid outline for EAGLE. You can select horizontal or vertical mounting, and…

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Toroid (Amidon) calculations

The excellent website here andĀ  hereĀ  allows you to figure out what core and number of turns for a…

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Quadrature detector coil

Here are photos of the elusive 235SU1 coils. One will be disassembled in the name of science! It can be…

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Tuned Front End for FM receiver

The Ryder paper (here) uses a tuned front end. The specified coils (Toko E526HN-100319) seem to be unobtainable, but surprisingly,…

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Modern take on Ryder’s FM Receiver

The link here shows an FM receiver with a high level of claimed performance. The diagram here shows a snippet…

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More TEF6606 info

For the circuit that was constructed for testing (based on the Application circuit in the data sheet, the v3 copy…

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Simple op-amp based headphone amp

This single-IC circuit is pretty basic but is enough to get the TEF6606 audio up to (very loud) headphone levels….

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Implementing I2C

The ATmega32u2 doesn’t have a two-wire interface (as far as I can tell) or I2C, so this method was used…

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TEF6606 receiver

As an experiment, I constructed up this FM receiver. It worked first time – no coil adjustments are necessary. It…