Tablet cover

A tablet is ideal for portable use, yet it was hard to find a decent case. This is an attempt to make half a leather case (hopefully someone else can design the rest!). The process was simple: Buy some leather, send it to a laser cutting firm along with a CAD file, wait for it to arrive, and then soak parts of the leather in water and bend the leather into shape. The CAD file for the 10.1 Samsung Galaxy is here. This is what it looks like:


Here are the steps in more detail.

1. Send leather to cutting firm along with the CAD file. It will arrive back like this:

Cut leather

2.Wrap the tablet with plastic sheet (cellophane) and tape it in place, to make the tablet waterproof.

3. Soak along the leather with water (using brush or just finger) where the folds are required. It is soaked when the colour darkens through to the other side. Then, carefully fold it around the wrapped tablet and stick with tape (use a low tack tape):

Wrapped   Wrapped detail  Wrapped Detail 2  Wrapped Detail 3

4. After it is dry, remove the tape and the tablet. It should look like this:

Dry detail   Dry detail 2  

5. Make a rear using plastic and leather sheet, or a folding cover or something. Not done!

Notes: The leather type should be firm and thin, e.g. 2oz kangaroo leather, I used this. The sheet is large so there is a lot of spare material.

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